A not totally made-up report on my experience

07 November 2011: Thomas Schäfer

May I present myself? I work in the field of quality assurance. My company produces shafts. Different machines produce these shafts. My shaft has got five points (characteristics) I have to inspect in order to find out whether everything is alright.

There are different suppliers, different machine operators and different appraisers for the material, but more on that later. I use a caliper in order to inspect my shaft. At the push of a button the caliper shows me the measured value of the respective
characteristic and I write it on a piece of paper.

I know, this does not sound like the best practice for quality assurance.

Is my measuring equipment capable?

This is the first time I encounter the world of Q-DAS: If I want to measure a certain quantity, I have to make sure that my measuring equipment works precisely enough to do so. This is when it comes to the capability of measuring equipment; and it is this capability that I need to know.

So I want to use the solara.MP software helping me to make different analyses easily. Eventually I will receive a report providing an overview of all the important pieces of information I need to know. This report shows a green smiley at best. Always.

Now I am able to evaluate my measuring equipment. I inspect it at regular intervals. And I can rely on the calculations made by the software. The results are correct and validated.

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