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The SI team contributes to our customers's success story.

01 August 2016: Melanie Feuerstein

Q-DAS – provider of statistical software products for process evaluation and control – represents 8,000 satisfied customers and more than 150,000 users from various industries all over the world. Our employees - including the System Integration (SI) team - particularly contribute to the company’s success story.

Travelling around the world, implementing various projects and coming into contact with many different customers – this is what the interesting job of the Q-DAS SI team looks like. After an order is completed, the project engineer operates on site at the customer’s location – in case of Q-DAS this location is in one of 55 countries worldwide. Sometimes they even receive support from our local subsidiaries and partners. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Q-DAS develops various software products whose main tasks are computer-aided visualisation, monitoring and evaluation of product and process data in industrial production. The single programs can be combined in various ways to meet customer requirements and fulfil the respective tasks, even with the help of a third-party system.

The SI team is responsible for the customer-specific implementation and configuration of Q-DAS products and thus facilitates the progress of our customers. Their main task is to manage and support customer projects. The team members listen to customers, analyse their tasks and find a solution meeting their requirements and needs. For a better overview, the project engineer visits customers in their plants in different European, Asian, North or South American countries.

After they are familiar with the situation of a customer and know the specific preferences and expectations, the project engineers work out a suitable individual solution reaching from single installations to the implementation of the entire “CAMERA Concept”. Such a CAMERA Concept consists of six phases and the SI team implements the required tools on site. During the first phase, Q-DAS products record measured values. Phases 2 and 3 asses the recorded and visualised data and store them in a central database. In the fourth phase, the user is able to access the database to perform the desired statistical evaluations. The evaluation result may be illustrated in automatically generated reports in the fifth phase. Data archiving is the last phase closing the loop...

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