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How the software tools of the Q-DAS CAMERA Conept harness data streams

22 April 2013: Stephan Sprink

The software tools of the Q-DAS CAMERA Concept harness data streams in order to gain knowledge. They process characteristics values and process parameters obtained in industrial production based on current standards and guidelines, convert them into reliable statistics and convey them. However, the Q-DAS CAMERA Concept does not only consist of software tools but also includes different services supporting companies in implementing, realizing and maintaining the system. Q-DAS also advises companies on any statistical questions starting with the definition and calculation of statistics, the joint development of an evaluation configuration and process optimization. All of these tasks are part of the introduction of a performance measurement system ensuring that the entire potential of statistical evaluations can contribute to an increase in efficiency at any time – a valuable acquisition of knowledge leading to our customers’ success.

What are the requirements of our customers?

Since the demands on the products and the corresponding production rise continuously, the processes have to become more and more transparent in order to monitor them in a timely manner and to take respective
corrective action. The closer you approach the technological limits of the manufacturing process, the more significant becomes the precise knowledge of the current status of the production. The Q-DAS CAMERA Concept provides this knowledge in the form of reliable statistics in order to avoid consequential costs caused by rejects, rework, customer complaints or the like. The processed statistics must be displayed user-friendly and clearly in order that the respective (process) owner receives a clear image of the relevant processes.

Integration of information sources

In order to gain a comprehensive overview of the processes, the integration of the different information sources is required. It is of particular importance to connect measuring and test instruments from manufacturing, production and the measurement laboratory to the system in order to make quality-related statements. Descriptive parameters of the manufacturing process from controls (PLCs) provide further important information needed for the assessment/evaluation of the processes. They help to determine dependencies between product and process characteristics...

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