An easy way to reduce your costs

15 April 2019: Markus Pfirsching

Manufacturing processes are not always able to meet requirements and quality demands. You thus have to accept the consequences, i.e. some parts do not satisfy quality requirements and have to be sorted out.

The later it gets until you detect a problem in the manufacturing process, the more expensive the impacts. To reach the best possible solution, it is important to evaluate all manufacturing processes separately but also as a whole. Statistics support you in performing this kind of quality information. Since it takes quite a lot of effort to evaluate each and every part you produce (100% inspection), which, by the way, is not feasible in practice, you apply statistical analyses to make a statement about the population.

Cp and Cpk values - what is the use of these statistics?

The evaluation of processes may be based on the statistics Cp and Cpk. They specify the process variation and the location of the measured values within the tolerance. The next step depends on specifications helping you determine whether a process is capable or not...

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