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Do you want to get an overview of new features in version 12?

15 May 2018: Markus Pfirsching

The final release of version 12 of Q-DAS software products includes several hundreds of changes and modifications. This article illustrates some of the main characteristics of these changes.

3D CAD drawings

Version 12 adds some new Q-DAS software components to already existing ones. One of the is the innovative 3D CAD Viewer. Its name already implies that it serves the visualisation of 3D CAD files. It also provides the basis for test plans when a CAD model or associated definition files offer required test plan information.

Combining automated and manual measurements in O-QIS

When a CMM writes and evaluates Q-DAS files, you will typically use O-QIS MCA/CMM Reporting. However, if you enter measured values manually or by using serial measuring equipment, you will choose procella for a correct recording. Since version 12, O-QIS can combine both, automated and manual measurements, directly.

New graphics in qs-STAT

qs-STAT now offers all the benchmark graphics that were previously only available in M-QIS.

Web applications

You were able to show Q-DAS results on a website in the past. What is new is that there are separate web applications for the respective applications. The web applications are based on the already available “classical” software products you install.

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