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The Q-DAS CAMERA Concept always provides an appropriate solution

29 September 2015: Markus Pfirsching

From our perspective, the requirements the Q-DAS software has to meet vary considerably. Possible solutions reach from a single license to a global structure connecting people worldwide.

We always submit a clear recommendation when it comes to the implementation and realization of conceptual solutions: Start off small and extend the system step by step.

But why do we recommend this approach? Of course, you can define all required information in a specification and will thus achieve the desired final result. However, if you design a complex system and implement it straight away, you are likely to stick at trifles later on. “The system is quite good but there are a few things I would do differently today.“ or “We should have spent more time discussing the topic of ...“ or “We have completely forgotten parts traceability!” …

You can adapt your system to new requirements any time; however, the better solution is to have a sound start forming a sound foundation for the entire project. You build the foundations strong enough to bear the weight of a cabin or of a huge tower. Either way the basis is solid and firm. The following example illustrates the advantages of this approach.


  • Input of measurement data at 30 stations in production; some stations include manual devices and they are located on two German sites
  • Statistical process evaluation, 5 staff members
  • Transfer of data from 10 CMMs
  • Statistical reports for customers
  • MSA type-1 and type-2 study
  • Option to send automated reports by email for production machines

In order to meet all these requirements, we can make an offer including 30 licenses and starting with the recording of data etc. However, we are also able to fulfil these requirements completely based on few software licenses. In this case, the customer is able to test the proposed solution before it comes to a comprehensive rollout...

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