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Why is measurement process capability important?

A precise manufacturing process requires precise measurements. This is the reason why you have to conduct measurement process capability analyses. The correct evaluation of processes in industrial production and manufacturing always require suitable measurement processes. How well are you acquainted with the backgrounds of measurement process capability?


1. What is the requirement that needs to be satisfied in order that measured values help you draw the right conclusions?

  • At least 3 operators have to record the same measured value.
  • Measured values must be recorded with sufficient measurement accuracy relating to the characteristic’s tolerance or the process.
  • The measured value may only be recorded under ideal conditions.

2. Which component does not affect the measurement process?

  • Number of employees in the plant
  • Physical constitution of the operator
  • Material of the part to be measured

3. Which statement does not apply to the aim of “never ending improvement”?

  • The distance between the specification limits becomes larger.
  • Tolerances become narrower.
  • The process variation becomes smaller.

4. What is the limit leading to a deviation between the observed process capability index Cp and the actual Cp-value that is no longer acceptable?

  • %GRR is less than 10%
  • %GRR is between 10% and 30%
  • %GRR exceeds 30%

Our Q-QUIZ is published once a month. You can find the answer to all questions in the PDF file below.

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