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This brand new web portal is your gateway to detailed information about innovative quality management. Q-DAS and partners offer you a broad variety of professional articles about statistics focusing on software products, services, statistical theory and current developments. PIQ-online is based on the former specialist journal PIQ that has been published by Q-DAS for many years. Each article is displayed in extracts. The corresponding PDF document or flip book provides you with the entire article.

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Q-QUIZ July 2018

The success of capability analyses often depends on how sensitive quality control charts are. As an example, you conduct a process capability analysis for a groove depth of 10.2 Ā± 0.06. The result is a normally distributed process where Cp = 1.69 and...

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Q-QUIZ June 2018

Since the 1950s different committees have tried to standardise the application of statistical procedures in industrial production. How well do you know the contents of approved QM standards and guidelines? Are you familiar with the requirements they...

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What is new in version 12?

The final release of version 12 of Q-DAS software products includes several hundreds of changes and modifications. This article illustrates some of...

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Q-QUIZ May 2018

Statistical process control (SPC) proves that production processes meet the respective requirements. Since these processes manufacture products, you...

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Q-QUIZ April 2018

Statistical process control implies an effective combination of theory and practice. The theory mainly involves quality control charts that are based...

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Q-QUIZ March 2018

You usually use defined properties in the form of specific characteristics to assess the quality of a product. Technical statistics defines different...

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