You are part of the automotive or supplier industry? Are you acquainted with VDA 5?

Companies face different standards and guidelines when implementing and certifying a quality management system. These standards and guidelines define requirements for estimating and considering the measurement uncertainty. VDA Volume 5 “Capability of Measurement Processes“ explains how to meet these various requirements of the automotive and supplier industry. Are you acquainted with this standard?


1. What is the name of the standard uncertainty from influence components that are not covered by standard influence components?

  • uBI
  • uREST
  • uMEAS

2. Which type of evaluation is based on experiments?

  • Type A evaluation
  • Type B evaluation
  • Type C evaluation

3. Which type of evaluation uses a limit of error and the coverage factor to calculate the standard measurement uncertainty?

  • Type A evaluation
  • Type B evaluation
  • Type C evaluation

4. What percentage of the specification is the resolution allowed to amount to?

  • 2%
  • 5%
  • 10%

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