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Success depends on a combination of people, processes and tools.

17 August 2016: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

In an age where customer relationships drive businesses to change, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence India’s Managing Director, Anup Verma, and Regional Manager, C.S. Srivatsa, explore how the company’s long relationship with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has left a lasting impression on both businesses.

Business success is related to finding the right combination of people, processes and tools. At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we place this knowledge right at the core of our work, taking a customer-centric approach and working smart for success. As a strategic partner to many big businesses around the world, we pride ourselves on delivering above and beyond the typical scope of work.

These characteristics have been acknowledged on many occasions during our long association with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The company’s robust technical requirements and stringent online tendering selected us as the supplier who could match their requirements for absolute and accurate measurements, within the shortest turnaround time. Both companies have grown over the period we have worked together, and from the Hexagon side it’s fair to say this association has helped us scale new heights – we have evolved from being just a supplier to a valued partner by understanding HAL’s challenges and proactively suggesting solutions.

Creating a Legacy in Every Relationship

HAL has been a customer for us since 1988 and today it is one of our biggest customers in APAC, as well as a strategic collaborator. Before working with Hexagon, HAL followed first principle methods by using basic measuring instruments, profile projectors, blue matching etc. for its aircraft manufacturing activities...

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