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We eliminate prejudices and point the way into the future

04 February 2016: Edgar Dietrich & Melanie Feuerstein

Metrology “costs a lot of money but does not provide any added value“– metrology has suffered this prejudice for decades. Only the introduction of statistical control for industrial processes brought about a gradual process of rethinking since the strictly workpiece-related measurement data were suddenly considered as valuable information carriers in production. Due to digitalisation and a global network of products and production processes – the current state of the art at the end of Industry 3.0 – integrated measurement and sensor technology occupies an important value-added role. In general, it provides most of all valid data from product development to manufacturing to product life cycle. Metrology thus penetrates the entire shop floor and affects it decisively. “ [1]

Hexagon Metrology takes up this idea and assumed a new identity. What once was Hexagon Metrology is Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (HMI) now. With each new acquisition, Hexagon Metrology gained and developed a wide range of skills, technologies and experience. HMI has thus broadened its offering that takes the company far beyond traditional measurement technologies. Q-DAS played a substantial role in unfolding this development; in the end it is all about managing and analysing recorded data in a well-structured way and about processing and communicating the acquired knowledge appropriately to each individual user.

It was time for a change. Even though the core competency of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence remains metrology, the new identity implies that Hexagon tries to ”close the loop“ in manufacturing. This vision of smarter, data-driven manufacturing is within reach since this vision is not just about metrology anymore – the essential aspect is manufacturing intelligence, i.e. the ability to gain valuable knowledge based on recorded data. In order to combine various technologies and ideas, Hexagon defned three areas of expertise:
Sensing: This area of expertise represents Hexagon’s metrology heritage.
Thinking: The second area focuses on analytical abilities: processing and packaging raw data into actionable information providing the basis for decision-making.
Acting: This area takes the acquired knowledge and uses it to make improvements.

These three areas of expertise form a coherent, comprehensive plan creating a link between each phase of the product life cycle. Q-DAS holds a responsible position in Thinking. With the formation of a new Thinking organisation, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence aligns all products of the area of expertise: Under the umbrella of Q-DAS, Q-DAS general manager Michael Wagner will take the leadership role for any software development of the new organisation. He leads a team of developers in Germany, in the US and in China. Q-DAS founder Edgar Dietrich supports him in his tasks. Together with their international teams they bring different technologies into a common roadmap pointing the way into the future and promoting innovations to increase our customers‘ productivity...

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