An extended tolerance classification simplifies the evaluation of individuals

23 April 2012: Michael Wagner

The evaluation of part measurements included in Q-DAS products is implemented based on the summarized evaluation results of individuals. The following criteria serve as a basis for evaluation:

  • Evaluation inside/outside the specification
  • Evaluation based on the definition of ranges with definable classifications
  • Evaluation inside/outside the specification considering the measurement uncertainty

The awarding of points and the definition of the colors can be adapted to each single range individually. In addition, you may weigh the single characteristics classes in the evaluation.

The evaluation based on the definition of ranges with definable classifications has been realized successfully in a customer project; however, after the process had reached a certain condition, the classification was no longer sensitive enough to allow for precise evaluations and reactions. In this case, it is important to consider the aspect of evaluating measured values by means of saved classifications (comparable to the meaning or severity of the consequences of error from the customer’s point of view in an FMEA environment) together with the tolerance capacity...

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