System design and implementation

Interactive installation types

A modern IT infrastructure and innovative standardisation options lead to a wide range of requirements customers have to meet. This is the reason why many Q-DAS customers ask for an individual type of installation.

In order to be able to decide which...

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How the Q-DAS System Integration Team Shapes Customer Progress

Q-DAS – provider of statistical software products for process evaluation and control – represents 8,000 satisfied customers and more than 150,000 users from various industries all over the world. Our employees - including the System Integration (SI)...

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Q-DAS project workshop – guidance on the implementation of a successful Q-DAS CAMERA Concept

The first step towards the implementation of the Q-DAS CAMERA Concept is thoughtful planning. The software has to cover the available structure of...

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MMS - Quality along the Product Lifecycle

At the heart of the product lifecycle in industrial production are the customers, with their specific preferences and requirements. Whether it is an...

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Quality Drives Productivity – Progress through Change

Metrology “costs a lot of money but does not provide any added value“– metrology has suffered this prejudice for decades. Only the introduction of...

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Q-DAS Products Support Product Lifecycle Management

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the concept of integrating any information generated and provided in the entire lifecycle – from engineering...

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