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Powerful interactive analysis of large datasets at your fingertips

14 March 2019: Diana Fernandez

The rapid evolution in manufacturing processes is making more specialised and centralised quality assurance strategies a top priority for OEMs and their suppliers.

Manufacturers want to use the heterogeneous data drawn from automated and manual metrology systems to inform decisions throughout the production cycle, but that means being able to integrate and analyse dimensional data efficiently and accurately. That’s why global manufacturers in sectors ranging from automotive to shipping use eMMA software to plan, collect and analyse dimensional data across various stages of the product lifecycle. In addition, eMMA offers native 3D functionality and integration with product data management (PDM), product lifecycle management (PLM) software and other enterprise software systems.

Manufacturers also need a system that can deal with the growing quantity of dimensional data generated by 3D optical metrology systems. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has designed an innovative software module called eMMA Inspector to make it much faster for manufacturers to analyse large optical datasets. eMMA Inspector uses lossless compression to reduce binary STL meshes to 5% of their original file size, making it possible for manufacturers to upload multiple sets of results into eMMA’s 3D interactive analysis environment either in real-time or post-processing. The deviation calculation technique used in eMMA Inspector is standardized and neutral, and the results are directly stored in eMMA’s database.

Metrology system independent

eMMA Inspector supports data exchange through all stages of product development, prototyping and production, independently of the measurement system being used...

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