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Basics of technical statistics

Q-DAS tests your knowledge of technical statistics. Can you cope with our questions?

1. What is the quintessence of Taguchi’s loss function?

  • You experience a loss when you try to reach a target value.
  • The more your product specification deviates from the target value, the less the loss of quality.
  • You experience a loss of quality the moment your product specification deviates from the target value.


2. Which statistic describes the number with the highest frequency in a sample?

  • Mode
  • Median
  • Variance


3. Which pair of parameters describes the normal distribution model?

  • Expectation µ and standard deviation σ
  • Range R and median
  • Maximum value and inflection point


4. Which series includes nominally scaled values?

  • 30°C, 40°C
  • Table, chair, picture frame
  • Grade 1, grade 2


5. The values of a sample show several peaks in a histogram which shows that…

  • the samples of several populations are mixed (e.g. data from different cavities, batches, etc.).
  • the sample values were subject to random influences.
  • the sample includes several outliers.


6. In order to conduct a statistical procedure, you formulate a null and an alternative hypothesis. The statistical procedure accepts or rejects…

  • the null hypothesis.
  • the alternative hypothesis.
  • the null and alternative hypothesis.


7. Which quality control chart allows for minor systematic deviations of the distribution of characteristics?

  • Shewhart control chart for standard deviations
  • Shewhart median chart
  • Acceptance chart for averages


Our Q-QUIZ is published once a month. You can find the answer to all questions of the current quiz online with the release of the next quiz.