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Find out what makes HxGN SMART Quality smart.

10 January 2018: Benjamin Bickel

What is HxGN SMART Quality? At first glance, the answer to this question seems to be a simple description of the software’s functionality. However, this description would be too short as it would neglect the main idea and customer benefit. However, we would like to start with a brief product description: HxGN SMART Quality is an integrated, web-based software platform combining tools for the statistical evaluation of quality-relevant features with a rich toolset for managing all the resources involved in measurements, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) (...).

Quality has its price

This statement does not just mean that high-quality products cost more, but that it also requires costly effort to generate and maintain a product’s quality. Achieving quality requires different measuring instruments and trained personnel. Both resources are often perceived as not directly adding value to the product. HxGN SMART Quality offers a solution to optimise these “non-productive“ expenses.

The Resource Management of HxGN SMART Quality helps increase the efficiency, effectiveness and capacity of the applied measuring resources. On the one hand, unplanned downtime can be reduced by real-time monitoring of the measuring devices. On the other hand, the reporting functionality allows detailed analysis of the collected machine data for continuous optimisation of the workload.

Many unscheduled standstills are caused by unspecified processes, for example if a part is measured using an outdated measuring routine. For this reason, HxGN SMART Quality offers an integrated workflow concept to accompany users step by step through defined and customer-specific processes to achieve the desired results. The current status of all running workflows is shown clearly including various additional information such as current step, progress or assignee information, and additional text information about the step. The software sends an automatic note in a timely manner to inform the workflow owner about an open unsigned step or send assignment information to the assigned stuff (...).

Data as a key to optimisation of costs and reduction of expenses

After all, it is not only newly obtained data (measurement system data and environmental data) that help to positively influence the balancing act between quality and the costs that arise to ensure this quality. Of course, the pure measured values, in addition to the identification of the quality of a component, also have an appreciable influence on the optimisation potential of the quality costs.

In this area, HxGN SMART Quality builds on the standard DFQ file format developed by Q-DAS with the Advanced Quality Data Exchange Format (AQDEF) – a worldwide, industry-proven standard for handling measurement system ratings. Because of the extensive experience that Q-DAS has in this field, many different measurement systems are already able to natively offer this file format. Suitable converters are simple to develop, so there is hardly any measurement system that cannot generate DFQ files and thus be usable for HxGN SMART Quality. This fact underlines the claim of HxGN SMART Quality to be an open platform to a considerable extent ...

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