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CASQ-it CAQ system integrates solara.MP

Based on VDA Volume 5 “Capability of Measurement Processes“, we combine our expertise with the CAQ provider Böhme & Weihs to offer a new, innovative solution. Due to an intelligent integration of solara.MP, the CAQ system CASQ-it provides a new range of functionalities with respect to inspection equipment management.

You manage and maintain all information about inspection equipment easily and centrally. Interacting with solara.MP, CASQ-it helps you perform measurement process capability analyses and establish the capability of inspection equipment. The results are applied in subsequent quality management processes.

According to Jens Leder, Böhme & Weihs product manager for the CASQ-it PMM module, the cooperation suggested itself: ”Q-DAS has many years of experience in the field of measurement system analysis and the software perfectly complements our CAQ system by adding measurement process capability functionalities. Moreover, all our customers already applying a Q-DAS solution will get the opportunity to overcome system limits. The integration of solara.MP into CASQ-it makes them able to tap the potential of all data involved. This partnership helps us pave the way for digital transformation.“

Here are some of the benefits for CASQ-it/Q-DAS customers.

  • Joint data basis reduces data maintenance effort.
  • solara.MP starts automatically in CASQ-it.
  • CASQ-it automatically retrieves and stores results after an analysis is completed in solara.MP.
  • CASQ-it illustrates results in graphics. The analyses are thus even available for CASQ-it users who have not applied Q-DAS software yet.
  • Continue to use the results in all phases of the process, e.g. by considering the smallest possible tolerance that can be determined for this specific measurement process directly in inspection planning.


The option to integrate solara.MP into CASQ-it will be available from the third quarter 2019.