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The right installation type counts

26 August 2015: Johannes Pudleiner

When you want to apply the full extent of Q-DAS software products reasonably, you have to select the right type of installation. This article helps you find the right way of installing the software in your company.

Software installations

In order to install Q-DAS software products – as is the case for any other software installation - you have to meet certain requirements. We also recommend you to consult your IT department to remove obstacles.

In most cases, the different departments have got different perceptions of the task the software shall fulfil. The IT department is looking for software that is easy to maintain and meets certain safety regulations. The QA department wants to use the software without being closely involved in the IT infrastructure, and in manufacturing, people want to inspect and control. This is the reason why you should consult all departments involved in order to meet as many requirements as possible and discuss all available opportunities.


The software is flexible to install. The simplest type of installation is a single installation. You install the software on a computer and keep all the data in this system. However, data access is quite restricted in this case. As an example, it is difficult and time-consuming to share data with other employees.

A single installation including a joint database of values needs a bit more effort. This type of installation makes it easier to share data; however, the computer has to be connected to the respective network in order to access the common value database.

The third type is the network installation. You install the software on a server or in a network share and many employees of a company will be able to access the software. You just need to install a client on the respective computers. You have got a central software and user management that is accessible from any computer having access to the system. This is a huge advantage since the days of a “sneaker network“ will be gone.

As you can see, there are no hard and fast rules about the suitable type of installation. However, our System Integration team is pleased to assist you in making the right decision to reach the best possible consensus.

But first you have to focus on some major questions. It is important that you are able to answer these questions before you consult Q-DAS...

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