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Benefit from the new functionalities the new eMMA version has to offer!

A new version of the eMMA software suite for dimensional data management and analytics is available. Here is an overview of the innovations the dimensional data management and analytics software has to offer.

    Additional quality planning, reporting and monitoring functions for part and assemblies manufacturers across automotive and shipbuilding industries as well as agribusinesses
    Enterprise-level performance for large data sets of measurement results coupled with fast 3D visualisation
    Integration of the Q-DAS software product qs-STAT to visualise, report and analyse measured values statistically (based on evaluation strategies) in eMMA Analyst
    More intuitive graphical user interface offering full-text search and quick-access tools to inspection plans, measurement results and templates
    Advanced 3D analysis between assembly structures in eMMA Assembler

This is the first major release of the eMMA software suite since it became part of the Hexagon software portfolio in October 2017. “We are proud to announce the integration of the Q-DAS statistical software so soon after the acquisition,“ said Siegfried Heinz, eMMA Commercial Support Manager. The eMMA software suite has always been a powerful tool for dimensional measurement data management, but these advanced functionalities maximise its benefit for several cross-segment use cases.