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Articles tagged "Industry 4.0"

Big Data - Industry 4.0 - Quality 4.0

Nowadays, everyone is talking about the big data and this topic finds its way into industrial production, too. The background is perfectly clear. On the one hand, you may record data and information quickly and automatically and store them...

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Industry 4.0: CAQ/SPC and MES Grow Together

For historical reasons, “test planning” and “production planning” are two separate tasks in many companies. Companies thus apply different software packages to fulfill these tasks. They use CAQ systems (computer-aided quality) in quality assurance...

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Big Data - Industry 4.0 - Quality 4.0?

Big Data

The German Bitkom [1] association defines big data in an article as follows: “Big data refers to the economically reasonable acquisition and...

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Agile Manufacturing - a (Small) Step in the Direction of Industry 4.0

Flexible manufacturing, another term for agile manufacturing, is an alternative to part-specific transfer lines for mass production. The advantage is...

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Scenarios in the Environment of Industry 4.0

Flexible Process Control

Using available information for process control

In terms of Industry 4.0 a product knows its processing status anytime. When...

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