Quality tools and techniques

What Does SPC Actually Mean? - A Brief Overview

Some people like to translate SPC as “show program for customers”, which implies that it has obviously something to do with pictures. SPC thus tries to show customers that the processes manufacturing their products meet the respective requirements...

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Process Capability – a Simple Illustration

Process capability describes the ability of a (production) process to produce characteristics meeting the specification. You usually conduct a process capability analysis to establish this capability. Process capability analysis is even used as a...

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Comparison of Capability Analysis for Measurement Processes according to VDA Volume 5 and MSA

Who is not familiar with the famous statement about the art of measuring: “The one who measures measures crap“. The most crucial question for any type...

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The “Golden Rule of Metrology“ Is no Longer State of the Art

Many participants of our seminars on measurement system analysis and measurement uncertainty studies ask about the tolerance needed to apply specific...

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The Crux of the ndc

Since the third edition of the AIAG Core Tool MSA 2002 manual has been published, the subject of ndc keeps haunting the world. It almost seemed like...

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How to Qualify Measurement Processes

A measurement result always incurs an uncertainty of measurement. However, how do you calculate this uncertainty? And which uncertainty is acceptable...

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