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This brand new web portal is your gateway to detailed information about innovative quality management. Q-DAS and partners offer you a broad variety of professional articles about statistics focusing on software products, services, statistical theory and current developments. PIQ-online is based on the former specialist journal PIQ that has been published by Q-DAS for many years. Each article is displayed in extracts. The corresponding PDF document or flip book provides you with the entire article.

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Q-QUIZ March 2018

You usually use defined properties in the form of specific characteristics to assess the quality of a product. Technical statistics defines different types of scales for certain types of characteristics. It is even able to specify distribution models...

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eMMA product family - integrated data management for the entire process of 3D metrology

Quality assurance in modern industry is a complex process that requires the support of ever more specialized hardware and software. This article provides an overview of the features that make eMMA a smart and efficient solution for dimensional data...

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Q-QUIZ February 2018

Statistical tests based on subgroup results help you find out whether an assumption about your production is right. They answer questions as to...

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HxGN SMART Quality: A smarter approach to quality data and measurement resource management

What is HxGN SMART Quality? At first glance, the answer to this question seems to be a simple description of the software’s functionality. However,...

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Q-QUIZ December 2017

ISO 2859-1 focuses on sampling schemes for a lot-by-lot inspection with lots indexed by the acceptance quality limit (AQL). It is part of the ISO 2859...

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Q-QUIZ November 2017

Hardly any manufacturing company can do without process capability indices (Cp and Cpk). Even though you normally use software solutions to calculate...

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